You probably can't whip up a cure on your laptop.

But there is something you can do. Stop the spread of misinformation.

Check first. Share After.

  1. Check where the info originally came from.

  2. Check that it came from a trusted expert source .

  3. Check what public health authorities and government are saying.

  4. Share Once you’ve checked the info is legit, go ahead and share away. Sharing good content helps crowd out the fakes.

What are Trusted and Expert Sources?

  1. A trusted source has a good track record and a clear process for getting facts right, like a reputable news organization.

    An expert source, like a recognized scientist or health expert, has knowledge of that specific topic. Being an expert in one area doesn’t make someone an expert ineverything. Would you ask a psychiatrist to replace a filling?

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Passing along bad information is like passing along the virus itself.

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